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Central and Eastern Europe, the primary but not exclusive focus of this project, is steeped in the Roman tradition of continental Europe, in which arbitration is based on the autonomy of the parties and informal procedures. One shortcoming in the use of arbitration in Central and Eastern Europe is the absence of comparative standards or a baseline that would facilitate the identification of commonalities and differences in individual countries and help to resolve problems that are common throughout the region. The CYArb® project aims to address this issue and provides a forum for comparisons of arbitration practice and doctrine in countries within the region and in relation to other international practices. It sheds light on both practical and academic aspects within the countries and compares those approaches to broader European and international practices.

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Independence of an Arbitration Clause from the Main Contract and the Duty of a Court to Examine the Validity of an Arbitration Clause before Issuing a Ruling on a Challenge of Jurisdiction (Appeals Court of Veliko Tarnovo; 23 June 2008)
Bělohlávek, Alexander J.
Resolution of the Appeals Court of Veliko Tarnovo No. 162, Civilian Ref. No. 335/2008, of 23 June 2008 (F.R.EAD vs. A.i.EOOD): Rationes Decidendi: An arbitration agreement (arbitration clause)
Selected Bibliography of Czech and Slovak Authors for 2010
page 471 - 495
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